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Flash is a 63 feet, vintage sailing Catamaran made of wood. Riding and sailing on Flash you can enjoy and share the adventure of living the sea.

The catamaran consists in two parallel hulls of equal size. Thanks to its structure, it is more stable than a monohull. The limited heeling means reduced seasickness and as consequence a more comfortable life on board.

On a catamaran there is a wide space for enjoying life with the other passengers but also spacious cabins for private moments. The combination of space and privacy make catamaran perfect for a relaxing and funny experience caddled by waves and sea breeze.

Its small draft allows Catamaran/Flash to navigate in shallow waters and to get closer to the shore, allowing the passengeres to enjoy the beautiful landscapes from short distance.

With its large interior and outdoor areas lounging on deck is comfortable and relaxing.

the wide kitchen area is perfect for easily cooking and preparing delicous dishes to make the vacation even more tasty.

Having breakfast when moored offshore is a unforgetable moment lulled by the morning breeze.

Watch delfins is always a beautiful moment. THey usually follow the watercraft swimming along the prow. The catamaran is closer to water than a boat so you could better live and enjoy this unforgetable moment.

The catamaran will allow you to enjoy sunset from the wide raised salon that gives you a 360° view.

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